Based on the artists we choose and their audience, we would find the most appropriate venue and image to promote their show. Our success rate has been %100 and each show we have presented, has had more than %80 capacity sold.

Artist Presentation

Some of the services we offer include budget forecasting, venue booking, advertising, media release, sponsorship marketing, technical supervision on stage, recording single tracks for promotion, as well as visa applications for foreign musicians. Help artists with T1261 and R105 forms.

Depending on the services required, we charge a percentage based on the money that we make for you. We custom-tailor our services to suit your needs. No 2 bands are similar, so we always make sure we take the correct approach for each band at our LAB.

Music Styles

The styles of music we are interested to present are the ones that are unique and bring something new to the global village. They can be Rock, Electro, or Folk. We would introduce them to a new audience by either pairing the band with another band from another country (festival format) or work on their brand image through creative agencies.




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