Relics & Ruins

Relics & Ruins is King Raam From Hypernova and Ali Eskandarian.

Raam and Ali rejoined forces in New York and started to put the pieces together for a new project.

"It's something we've wanted to do since we first met and began to play music and sing together. Our voices compliment one another in a very unique and beautiful way. There are many possibilities we want to explore." says Raam.

Harmony between a duo is nothing new but with Raam's low and powerful voice and Ali's vast vocal range, an original and exciting blend emerges, one that is sure to engage many listeners if not leave them altogether stunned.

The music can be described as many things and invokes varied emotions. The lyrics are about life, death, war, apocalyptic visions, sex, drugs, infernal desires, and fetishistic cravings, among other subjects. The compositions are sometimes simple mantric chords and other times completely symphonic, blending hallucinatory chant like voices with straight ahead melodies.

Date and Venue

November 27th Drake Hotel @ 8 pm

Tickets: $20

Artist Website:

Relics & Ruins



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