The Mast, featuring Haale (Opening Set by King Raam)

Smallworld Music and Link Music Lab Presentation

The Mast is the latest project by the Brooklyn-based vocalist/poet Haale and percussionist/producer Matt Kilmer.


Before they launched The Mast in 2010, Haale and Matt Kilmer were writing, performing, and touring together for 3 years under Haale's name.  Starting in 2007, upon the release of the EPs, 'Paratrooper' and 'Morning,'  they toured across the country, in Canada, and Europe playing such venues as the Bonnaroo festival, the David Byrne-curated series at Carnegie Hall, the Hillside Festival, Celebrate Brooklyn, Mimi Festival in France, and Preservation Hall in New Orleans. In March 2008, they released the full-length album 'No Ceiling' which the Boston Globe called 'one of the year's most memorable releases.'

King Raam is the lead singer of Hypernova and his solo act can be described as many things and invokes varied emotions. The lyrics are about life, death, war, apocalyptic visions, sex, drugs, infernal desires, and fetishistic cravings, among other subjects. The compositions are sometimes simple mantric chords and other times completely symphonic, blending hallucinatory chant like voices with straight ahead melodies.

Date and Venue

April 9th Drake Hotel @ 8 pm

Tickets: $25

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One of the most expansive duos out there, The Mast has to be experienced live."

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